One on One Coaching with Nancy Jackson will help you get to the heart of what your individual business needs to succeed!

When we own a business or are looking to start one, we all get stuck from time to time. Do you feel you...

  • Need more knowledge?

  • Need confirmation on important decisions?

  • Need direction on marketing or technology?

  • Need to hear from someone who has done it before?

  • Need encouragement and help in fighting the battles we face?

  • Need a prayerful business ally who understands?

Helping You Achieve Success

Let's make your dream business a reality.

He is wise who knows the sources of knowledge - where it is written and where it is to be found.

Archibald Alexander Hodge

“I have known Nancy Jackson for twenty years and can attest to her knowledge and experience in business start-up, planning and execution. Nancy's past successes testify to her knowledge and abilities--don't waste a minute wondering if she can help you!”

- LindaS @LCarol Designs

Nancy Jackson's desire is to see others not only begin the business of their dreams, but to see them succeed.

She has consulted with others for years on their business endeavors. She approaches her coaching and consulting with a Kingdom mindset.

Have you ever had someone ask just the right question that sets your heart and mind right? The answer was always there, but it took someone with acute perception to ask just the right question to pull it out of you. Nancy can do that for you.

We all need a great listener. Someone to listen to what you are saying and hear what you are not saying. We all get lost in the weeds. Sometimes we become so overwhelmed with options, and opportunities that it is hard to know what we should really do. A great coach can guide you back onto the course that is right for you.

Her consulting skills on marketing, and social media will show you exactly how, even if you are not a technical person, to get more done in far less time.

Free Resources


How to Go From Hobby to Business

- for next to nothing

Free eBook to help you setup your business properly on a budget. From choosing a name, settium up your business entity to branding and marketing!


How to Write Publish & Market Your Book

- publish professional as an indy author

Learn how to independently write, publish, and market your book the right way. This eBook guide will walk you through the tools, platforms, and options to showcase your book professionally


Social Media Marketing Secrets

- do more in less time

Overwhelmed from trying to keep up with your social media marketing? This free eBook will give you some useful instruction on how to do more in less time.


“There are business coaches, people who give you advice on how to improve your business practices and steps to take on a path to success.  Then there are coaches who actually empower you to use the advice and take the steps to be successful. 

Nancy is the latter style coach.  She encourages and lifts you up so that you are able to take those needed steps which she has given to you.  She is beside you as both coach, advisor and friend, cheering as you succeed.  I know because she has walked that path with me and I am very grateful for her.”

- KarenB @Bunches of Joy Photography

“Nancy and I met through joint business ventures. She helped me get my airbnb listing compliant with state and federal tax law which I was SO confused about until her help! She has a keen eye for marketing and offered several suggestions to help make my listing more comfortable and attractive to potential guests. Nancy’s attention to detail matched with her never ending ideas and gentle encouragement makes her a valuable mentor. She has a wide range of entrepreneurial experience and shares her knowledge generously. You won’t regret working with Nancy! She’s the best!” 


- Kelli Cowan @Kelli’s AirBNB

Workshops & Courses

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